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New Amsterdamites William Brittelle and Matt Marks 6/30

June 26, 2010

The point of this post is definitely the title, but I’m going to go about it in a round about way.

This past month has put me on new music overload.  I’ve been listening almost constantly to the three albums put out by New Amsterdam by composer/artists Corey Dargel, Matt Marks, and William Brittelle, the new Anti-Social Music album of Pat Muchmore’s music (click his name to hear him on the show), and Martin Bresnick’s new disc out on Albany records.  Really, I don’t have enough time to digest all of this music, but hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll be posting something resembling a review on all of the albums.  Its all good music that you should check out.

This Wednesday at 8pm, Matt and Bill will be on to talk about The Little Death Vol. 1 and Television Landscape.  I’ve been living with TLDV1 for a number of weeks at this point, and just got TVL, which I’m about to dig in to… hopefully I’ll make sense of it by then.  Tune in over at

Bang on a Can is tomorrow.  I’ll be there for the middle of the day, and I haven’t had a chance to check out ANY of whats on the program.  I’m sure whatever it’ll be, it’ll be a fun afternoon.

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