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Explorations Preview: Philip Mantione’s Random Textures

June 17, 2010

Next week we’ll be hearing a really interesting recording of the improvisation Random Textures, performed by the Ancestral Groan Liberation Orchestra.  Below is an excerpt from Mantione’s biography and his notes on the piece, which I lifted from his expansive website.

Philip Mantione’s music has been described as “austerely impressive” (Paris Transatlantic Monthly Nov. 2000) and Innova Recordings calls his Sinusoidal Tendencies, “a searing study in form and color.” Zane Fischer, of the Santa Fe Reporter, called his interactive sound sculpture, “…a satisfying, interactive rabbit hole, in which tactility becomes sound.” He has written music for multimedia performance, experimental video, computer interactive projects, sound installations, and acoustic pieces for orchestra, string quartet, brass quintet, woodwind quintet, piano trio and other chamber ensembles.

He has collaborated with visual artist Alysse Stepanian on numerous projects including performance, installation and experimental video. L.P. Streitfeld, art critic and writer for the New York Times and The Advocate & Greenwich Times, has described their work as “a wry and profound commentary on the conflicted state of America’s emotions.”

On Random Textures:

Superimposition of four separate recordings of Random Textures, a structured improvisation-based piece performed by the Ancestral Groan Liberation Orchestra (AGLO), directed by Martin Back. Players include: Martin Back, Samuel Cobean, David Hevener, Philip Mantione, Lisa McKenna, Walter Menetrey, Christian Pincock, Frank Rolla, and Julie West. Scored for eight parts, each player is given verbal indications related to duration, density, and dynamics. A chronometer is used to regulate the 15 minute total duration and each performer plays a different number of sections of equal length within that time. Since the piece is exactly 15 minutes long, it was possible to superimpose multiple recordings and create serendipitous sonorities that would not have normally occurred. December 2008 – Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I hope you can tune in at 8:30pm at 88.7 fm locally or worldwide.  You’ll also be able to find it here after the fact as a podcast.

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