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Explorations Preview: C.R. Kasprzyk’s STATE of the inSignificant

June 8, 2010

Tomorrow (6/9) I’ll be playing C R Kaspryk’s STATE of the inSIGNIFICANT.  It’ll be on around 8:30pm at or locally at 88.7 fm.  Please tune in.

From the composer, here are some words on the piece:

In THE STATE OF THE inSIGNIFICANT, sounds typically masked by those louder are amplified and accentuated. The form of the piece revolves around these techniques. Through amplification and audio processing, the insignificant becomes something of profound importance and beauty, leaving those sounds normally heard out of the question.

With one exception, all sounds heard in the piece (prerecorded or processed) are derived from the saxophone. The exception is the over-amplified: samples from the most recent “State of the Union Address,” (G.W. Bush). While a transcription of this speech serves as the source of the work’s rhythmic material, the original audio samples are drowned out, leaving most words incomprehensible.

Through these musical concepts, one begs the question of who is given the microphone; who is given power; who is most appropriate to be a leader in our world. THE STATE OF THE inSIGNIFICANT was commissioned by Michael Straus and premiered on the CCRMA Concert Series (Stanford University), April 26, 2008.

*Please note: The visual elements of the work are of significance. The performer starts from a crouched, tortured position, gradually moving upright while adjusting the microphone and music stand.

Also, a short biography:

C.R. Kasprzyk is composer, saxophonist, free-improviser, amateur photographer, and avid “bring your own bag” grocery shopper. His performance credits including Steinway Hall, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and various other venues throughout the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands. Kasprzyk holds degrees from Grand Valley State University and the Peabody Conservatory and has received informal training from various prominent figures including Kaija Saariaho, Alvin Lucier, and Tristan Murail. He has served on the faculties of Morgan State University and Bluefield College, and has served as a site coordinator for the Creative Access Outreach Group.  Kasprzyk currently resides in Cleveland, OH with his wife Jessica, a music therapist.

More information is available on his website,

It’s a really cool work, and I hope you can listen in.  If you miss it, there will be a recording up here of the broadcast, so keep an eye on this space!

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