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Play List 5/19/2010 8-9pm + some Vincent Bergeron Links

May 19, 2010

Reich, S – Music for 18 Musicians: 7 – Steve Reich Ensemble
Stravinsky, I – Requiem Canticles: Interlude – Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Ithaca College Concert Choir, cond Stravinsky
Marks, M – The Little Death Vol. 1: Jesus Loves You – Matt Marks and Mellissa Hughes
Dargel, C – Thirteen Near Death Experiences: Deep Down Inside – Corey Dargel, International Contemporary Ensemble, David T. Little
Agocs, K – Supernatural Love: Open and Warm – Ibis Camerata
Prokofiev, S – Romeo and Juliet: The Fight – London Symphony Orchestra, cond Gergiev

Bergeron, V – Stairs of the Unsteady – Vincent Bergeron

Ravel, Piano Concerto in G : III – Jean Martinon, Orchestre de Paris
Jex, D – Three Dances: Quickstep-Romp – Lynn Clock
Bergman, E – Lapporia (Midsummer Night) – Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, cond Hillier

Reminiscent of Vincent Bergeron:

Irene Aebi’s voice

Zappa’s cuts…

Residents for the general creepiness factor

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