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Link Round Up

May 17, 2010

Fun stuff I came across in the last week-ish

  • The conductor of the NY Philharmonic is chillin with Death.  Apparently, Death likes Pistachio.
  • I don’t know why I just came across this, since it was posted in January.  Someone complaining about the repertoire of Band Music. I really should give this a full discussion, but Mr. Budiansky is mostly right, but an outsiders view of the music doesn’t take into consideration: the skills being developed by each work, the curriculum that music educators are asked to provide (specifically multicultural and historical cross-curricular learning), and the potential lack of music being made out of the repertoire (which is not the fault of the composer, of course).
  • Opera vocal lines + 80s Drum Synths = Wut
  • Alex Ross teaches me that its Ja-kino, and not Gee-a-chino.  Also, gives the layman an interesting perspective on the way Lost is scored.
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