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Explorations 04: Vincent Bergeron’s Stairs of the Unsteady

May 16, 2010

This Wednesday, Explorations will feature the music of composer and performer Vincent Bergeron.  Specifically, we’ll be hearing his song Stairs of the Unsteady, performed by Bergeron, Frédéric Szymañski, and Viveka Eriksson.  You can see and hear more at his site on

Vincent is a composer working both acoustic and electroacoustic mediums.  He’s been writing since 2004 and uses a wide variety of instruments to create a very unique character.  He uses a number of techniques in carving out his music which has an incredible blend of popular music, jazz, classical, and early electronic music.

A perfect example of this is his vocal piece, Stairs of the Unsteady.  The setting of the text is in a sort of sprechstimme or half spoken manner.   It rests above a disjointed track of electronic sounds and acoustic instruments.  Regularly shifting colors, the music never stands, which certainly implies the title of the work.

I normally think it is important to have the text available when listening to vocal music, and this work is no different, though in this case its equal parts deciphering the words and understanding the musical choices made by the performers/composer.  So, here’s a taste of what you’ll be hearing Wednesday 5/19 at 8:30pm.  I hope you can tune in!

The Stairs of the Unsteady
(lyrics written by Vincent Berger Rond and modified by Viveka Eriksson)

Unsteady makeup on the roof
When she talks in a public place
Her thought is dropped on the stairs
She catches words on the way
In panic
Doesn’t recognize herself

What was the strength ?
Exchanging priorities
Not told to her
Wrong way up
New again
Can’t see it coming !

He was writing my words for me !
Cultural invasion !!
Thirsty to her mouth

Great !
Bring !!
Bring !!!

I get engaged
I’m dying
I prefer to live !
And still, I move in an apartment
where the stairs
don’t give me remorses to follow

A way out / to clinically survive / to be considered only during peace time
I’m dying / and you follow / I prefer to live / and you follow
To infiltrate the order of the thin and dry shrubs

Follow…Follow… / Softness from a little father, these days dry
A way out..
to allow him to finally say goodbye..
shrubs !

From a little father
These days dry !
Softness from a little
From a little father

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