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May 8, 2010

Dan Peck, tubist for ICE, did two solo shows this week.  Dan was in his third year at Rutgers when I started, and even gave me a semester of tuba lessons his senior year.  In retrospect, I think we spent more time talking about John Zorn and Frank Zappa than playing tuba.  He’s one of those people that you immediately recognize as being unique and interesting.  Its pretty awesome to see him heading in this direction as a performer, as opposed to the much more standard “play Wagner and Berlioz excerpts until you win an orchestra gig” track.  Give a listen!

David T. Little and others talk about making music.  Its pretty awesome.

Really awesome piece of Sound Art featured on Wooster Collective. called Sun Boxes.  Its a bunch of speakers attached to solar panels attached to different bits of sound/music.  As you walk around the space, the balance of the music changes and because the samples are different lengths, the music phases in and out.   I wish I had realized this concept first.

Chamber Music Today talks about the fascinating aspects of short pieces of music by talking about bugs and brains.

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