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Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble @ The Tank

April 10, 2010

I was able to catch Jack’s show (you can hear the podcast of my show with him by subscribing in iTunes or clicking).

When you spend so much time time listening to music not-for-fun-but-for-work  its sometimes a little hard to flip that switch and listen to music just for enjoyment.  I was luckily able to do that last night at the gig.  Jack and Fred made that job a lot easier by clearly showing just how much fun they were having playing together.

They also played well.  The first third of the program was a pretty cryptic improv between the two.  They stayed pretty loose and refused to really find a groove musically, which is fun as a listener if you’re attempting to figure out where things are going.  The second third of the program was playing to film scores.  What was really cool about this part was actually afterwards when Fred told me that he hadn’t seen a few of the videos before.  Way to stay on your toes!  The films were mostly by filmmaker Samara Halperin and interesting in their own right.  The night ended with a few tunes off the new album, more or less, since a lot of what they do, as you might have figured out by now, is improvised.  As a whole, the music is fairly outside the box, but rarely did Jack or Fred completely lose any feel for more traditional music.  Whether it was a bass groove or a somewhat traditional harmony or a square rhythm from the drums, you could always follow along.  Even experimental music needs to be welcoming to the listeners, and that’s just what the JCDE did.  Good musicians playing some really good ‘out’ music.

If you’re in Cambridge, MA on Sunday, check them out at the Lily Pad.  Monday they’ll be in Providence, RI at AS220.

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