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Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble April 7th!

March 21, 2010

Hey!  You!  What’re you doing on April 7th?  From 8 to 9pm?  Well, you should be listening to the show because I’ll have Jack Curtis Dubowsky on.  He’ll also be doing some live shows here on the East Coast the week after.  You can find more information about all that and more on the Facebook page.

We’ll be nerding out on music gear, talking about film scoring, electroacoustic music, bringing ‘art music’ back into ‘pop music’ venues, and what the new music world is like on the Left Coast.  He’ll also be spinning some music that he likes, and of course, we’ll hear some tracks from the ensemble’s new album.  Give a listen now at the MySpace.

If you miss it, I’ll have the greatest hits of the show on the PODCAST, which just got approved on iTunes.  Just search for Endless Possibilities inside the iTunes store, but it might not be listed for another day or so (according to the Apple email I received this mornin’).

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