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February 14, 2010

I’m addicted to buying music.  I’ve been aware of this for a while, but it hits me from time to time.   I currently have 130gbs of music in iTunes, 100 cds sitting on my desk waiting to be imported, a dozen podcasts waiting to be listened to, and ImprovFriday in Chrome waiting to be listened to (some more).

I’m not listening to anything at the moment because I’m watching Lost.  Two weeks ago today I started watching Lost.  All of my friends were watching the final season Premiere, and I hadn’t seen any of the show.  So, what the hell.  Let’s see what’s so exciting.   I am currently watching the fifth episode of the Fifth Season.  In two weeks, I’ve watched 89 episodes.  Moral of the story… I’m not just addicted to music; I have ZERO self control when it comes to media.

One note on actual music.  Michael Giacchino’s scoring is great.   I knew his music from my video game habit (yeah, no surprise there), which is also very good.  Its really enjoyable to see him cut his teeth on something a little more substantial than shooting Nazis or hunting dinosaurs.   For a television show its really psychological.  I’m constantly shocked how often his music is felt but not heard, which to me is one of the best compliments a film score can receive.

I know there are some live instruments playing, and for my own curiosity, I wish I knew what was live and was was produced by computers.  The sci-fi-y title music, also, was done by JJ Abrams, so I’m curious if any of the electronic sounds are a collaborative effort.

The only thing I can’t stand about the scoring is this one recurring action theme.  Its meant to be an aggressive driving line led by the cellos to get your heart pumping.  The first time I noticed it was in one of the finale episodes of season 2, but its come back from time to time, and may have been introduced earlier.   To me, its really derivative… something that  you might hear in a Die Hard score.  It also to me gets in the way of the action and becomes distracting.  Kate is running (and falling… frequently!).  I don’t want to listen to your cello melody now!  SHHHHH!

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