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Hey, its Snowing

February 11, 2010

Yeah – I’m snowed in and as a result, I started playing with a microphone again.  This time it resulted in some slightly wacky by average person standards sound art.  Don’t ask me what I was singing.  It happened spontaneously in one take after I got sick of not being able to read a poem (by.. Barack Obama????  Thanks Metafilter) accurately.  What proceeds are some delay effects, some modulations, and other assorted manipulations.  By sound art standards, its pretty tame and definitely not earth shattering.  I know I’m really talking a big game here, but its only a minute or so long, so give a listen.

(Multiple Personalitiesies by Douglas Laustsen)

Its really rewarding to be able to release some creative energy in a burst of a few hours and have something to reflect on later….

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