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House Cleaning

December 20, 2009

Hi all-

I’m trying to make some space on my shelves and in my studio locker of CDs and other things I simply don’t need.  Many of these I somehow got multiple copies of, or the radio station got a copy itself.  I can tell you that none of it sucks.  If you want any of it, just email me ( with your address and I’ll send it your way.  I’ll probably update this list on Wednesday when I’m back at the station:

Albany Records:
Anthony Brandt – The Birth of Something
Gilbert and Sullivan/The Ohio Light Opera – Ruddigore
Victor Herbert/Ohio Light Opera – Mlle Modiste
The Upton Trio – these are different times
Collage New Music peformers Donald Sur
Andres Cardenes – American Violin Concertos

Shamayim – Movie by Elliot Caplan, David Felder, and Nicholas Isherwood

A random Cantaloupe Music sampler

Mikel Rouse – Gravity Radio

the book “A Fine Romance” by David Lehman

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