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Back in the Homeland

August 17, 2009

I am entirely back from Maine. It was a good peaceful trip, partially because of my proximity to the “Greatest Beer Bar on Earth”.  I’m still working on catching up.  Tomorrow I’ll be posting on Explorations.  Hopefully later in the week I’ll have time to finish off one of the 3 posts I have in forma draft perpetum.

Here’s things that’ve caught my eye in sifting through the gigantic pile of Internet I came home to:

Really interesting from Alex Ross via Overgrown Path, if you’re into culture wars.  “He kissed the big guy on the mouth!”  Its funny how Nixon’s scorn reached even classical music.  Also, who knew  Morton Gould was a communist?  Yes, the Morton Gould who wrote the West Point Symphony.

I’m going to ring in every april and October with this from now on, and I don’t really like baseball.

Brett Mictchell makes a really sensible argument for programming New Music in all aspects of an Orchestra’s Season.

Amen.  I don’t even live in a <100k area, but I think logically it makes sense that if you’re focused creating art, you need to be looking for places that don’t have art and really need it.  Is there really an epidemic of large scale urban projects not able to find money?  This is also relevant because when I arrived in Maine, I found out I had just missed a modern dance performance in town.  Driving through, though, you’d have a hard time believing there was a natural market for these sorts of performances.  If the Brick Church is able to put these on, why can’t we be replicating that model elsewhere?  Economically, its also a much sounder model if you’re considering the amount of art made and people seeing it per dollar.

If you missed it, go listen to the Interviews My Ears Are Open did with the Ethel Quartet.  Really fascinating stuff.

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