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Explorations: Josh Goldman’s Hexagonal and Language

July 29, 2009

This week I’ll be featuring the music of Josh Goldman on the show. We’ll be hearing his electro-acoustic works “Hexagonal (Facets 1-6)” and “Language”.

Goldman is a composer and musician currently pursuing a doctoral degree in composition at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. He previously earned degrees from the New England Conservatory and Brooklyn College. His works normally involve interdisciplinary elements, such as film and installations. He has been performed and won awards internationally and is an active musician and has written music using electronic and acoustic sources for various ensembles. More information can be found here.

“Hexagonal (Facets 1-6)” is an electro-acoustic work consisting of six different sections running together. The common element throughout the piece is that all of the sounds in the piece were created using an electric guitar. The exploration in timbre and spacialization of the various sounds is extremely fascinating. Goldman creates gigantic washes of sound that move around you and manipulates the guitar tone so that it sounds, well, not like a guitar. It’s a really neat piece of music. Also, you’re supposed to be in complete darkness, so turn off all your lights while listening.

“Language”, a bit of a misnomer, is an electro-acoustic sound structure written for seven vocalists, who are not to use their vocal chords. Consisting of a variety of identifiable vocal noises, Goldman arranges them to sound like a more conventional piece for electronic or even percussion instruments. It’s very humorous, but the humor doesn’t cloud the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the piece. Also intended to be performed in complete darkness.

Hexagonal (Facets 1-6)


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