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Explorations: Robyn-Danielle Farah

July 7, 2009

Next week I’ll be featuring the music of Robyn-Danielle Farah on the recurring segment Explorations (Wed, July 15 at 7pm).

Farah is an installation artist, pastry chef, and of course, a composer. All of these talents can be found at her website.  Personally I can’t tell if I like Belloons or Ellament more of the videos she has posted.  I am also never going figure out which pastries I like the most.  She is originally from South Africa, and is currently studying for a Masters degree in Sonic Arts at Belfast.

We’ll be hearing her piece Samir(سمير), an electroacoustic work exploring the sound of wind through objects, using people breathing, balloons, the sound a train going by, straws, etc. as material. Its a really interesting work of sound art, seeking out not so obvious links to air and then both manipulating the sounds and layering them in a sort of manner to create different effects. The work stands firmly between the abstract and concrete, using sounds from every day life and manipulated sounds that are foreign.

A note – if you have the opportunity, I would tune in on your best speakers possible.  Its a work full of sonic subtlety.

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