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EP Presents… Radio K*L*O*T*H

June 3, 2009

Doing old timey radio is either an artform or a forgery, or maybe both.  Either way, it feels good, especially when it gets derailed and turns into a Tex and the Horseheads marathon while your hero deals with a deluge of technical difficulties as he tries to figure out how to use the newfangled digital equipment in front of him. 

 Jack Terricloth of the World Inferno Friendship Society is going to be dropping in to the WRSU studios on June 24th to do just that.  Him and the band will have just finished up a series of performances of their Audio/Video Songspiel “Addicted to Bad Ideas” which is following close behind a series of show that Jack and Sandra Malak did at Joe’s Pub last month.  Perhaps we’ll hear a few tales of living the dangerous life on the streets of New Brunswick, NJ between some nautical songs, drunken country tunes, and crooning from the unlucky souls that Frank Sinatra stole his best ideas from. 

 To get a taste of what things’ll be like, head over to Jack’s website.  It will be fun.  I promise.

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