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EP Presents and The Lab…

June 1, 2009

I’m happy to hype up two things now that I’ll be doing on the show starting in the near future…  Call the recurring segments if you will, or the fancier beat term I’ll be using, Occasional Happenings. 

 EP Presents is basically what it sounds.. I’m going to bring people to the radio station, either in real time or on a fancy hand recorder, and present them.  Said people will be, in my mind, interesting and have something creative to do on the air… whether it be perform, read, use the radio station as a creative tool, or draw.  Okay, maybe not draw.

 The Lab is going to be a space for me to do creative things myself.  I’ll warn you ahead of time when they’re happening so you can find earplugs.  Radio Collages!  Recreations of 20th Century Music Experiments!  Plays!  Shenanigans!  Live performances by myself and a gang of anonymous monkeys! 


Both of these will be starting up in the summer until infinity…  Stay tuned.

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