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Bang on a Can 2009 Post Mortem

June 1, 2009

Quick thoughts on bang on a can yesterday….

 1) Impromptu live tweeting was a blast.  I now know what sandow means when he says that Twitter can allow you to have conversations with people while enjoying a concert.  I’m not sure if watching a regular NYTs concert would be appropriate for that, but an event of the size and thrust of BoaC really is perfect for it.

 2) I loved the culture war (?) of the shoppers vs. attendees and the large age range of said attendees.  It felt so natural too.  Mmmmmm

3)  My nachos from Blockheads were GREAT.

 There was music?  Right.  Bill Frisell was amazing.  I recorded some snippets of it on my zoom, but the acoustics of the space… shall we say weren’t optimal.  If I can clean them up I’ll post some snippets though it really was something meant to be experienced rather than heard.

 I really need to seek out a recording of Meredith Monks Stringsongs.  Also Trance was great, but again a lot of the sound seemed to get sucked up above the palm trees.  Also, with the exception of the wall of guitar amps, things could have been louder.  I wonder if people sitting closer up had a better listening experience. 

I’m really bummed I missed, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tortoise, Ken Thomson, On This Planet… okay everything that I missed.  But I’m sure if I stayed any longer I would have stopped appreciating the music. 

 Why’s this have to be a yearly thing?

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  1. June 1, 2009 6:31 pm

    So glad you liked StringSongs, Doug,

    I’m afraid there’s no recording out there quite yet, but I’m sure the recording from the Marathon will be available shortly as Marathons are often heard on WNYC.


    Todd Reynolds

  2. Doug permalink*
    June 5, 2009 6:12 pm

    Thanks for checking in. I’ve finally caught up on sleep and work. I’ll be keeping my car radio tuned there… well it alreay was, but that’s not the point. Thanks!

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