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May 30, 2009

Many thanks to Whit Bernard of ICE for letting me share my thoughts on the Xenakis blog I mentioned a few days ago.  I also have to thank him for coming up with the Young Frankenstein picture – my father would be so thrilled to see that!

If you’re dropping by from there, howdy!  I’ll be MIA until Monday or Tuesday as I’m in NYC to catch Bang on a New Music Marathon (I’ll be there on the earlier side) and visiting friends.

While you’re here though…. check out the Explorations page and listen to some good new music by composers.  In a nutshell the idea was to show the diversity and power that art music can offer today.  I’ve been pretty proud of it.  All of the installments that have already happened have little doohickeys that’ll let you hear the music.

Also, follow me on Twitter.  I promise to confuse, infuriate or bore you.

Also, why don’t you tune in Wednesday 6pm (NJ time) to WRSU and listen to the show.  The play lists will give you a good idea on what to expect…

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