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Dear ArkivMusic

May 6, 2009

Dear ArkivMusic –

I really appreciate what you do.  You’re an invaluable resource for when I forget to write down a performer for a track I’m playing, or when I want to know how many recordings of a piece are around – or even which ones you recommend.  Without you I’d be lost.

But realize, sometimes I forget to put my Crackberry on silent.  When I forget to do that, it buzzes when I get an e-mail.  So when you e-mailed me last night from my precious slumber at 11:24 PM to let me know you were having a sale on DVDs, I woke up.  I thought “hey – maybe my work burned to the ground and I’m being told about it.”  Or, the swine flue had finally shown its true form and the zombie apocalypse was upon us.  But that’s not what you’re message was about, and so I laid in bed for an hour not being able to fall asleep because you put all of your DVDs on sale. 

Next time, can’t that wait until the morning?



p.s. tune into my show tonight!  6-8pm on WRSU, which can be found online.  At 7pm I’m featuring some awesome music by Nicole Randall.  You’ll love it!

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