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Beware of Modern Music!

April 30, 2009

Interesting new book coming out on why Modern Art gets so much more attention than Modern Music.  And here’s a BBC fluff piece hyping the book with some good musical examples to rock out to.

I’ll get around to reading it soon.

Also, in terms of Modern Music (as in current performances), why aren’t we focusing on lean forward music more?  People partially go to rock shows to be a part of the experience, to clap along with the music.   Hip hop shows can be massive dances.  Why can’t we do more of that?  We don’t need anymore celebrity gods to grace us with their music, we need people exploring music that doesn’t fit into the ultra stylized labels genres provide us.  Noted exemptions to this rule are people that can create the potential for real dialogue through controversy and our generations one of a kinds.

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