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Explorations: William Price

April 19, 2009

This Wednesday I’ll be presenting the second installment of the series Explorations on the show (That would be Wednesday, April 22 at 7pm on WRSU FM 88.7, also found at and I’ll be featuring the music of William Price.

William Price is a composer of electro-acoustic music and traditional compositions living in Birmingham, Alabama.  He completed his Masters and Doctorate degrees as Louisiana State University, where his primary teachers were Dinos Constantinides and Stephen David Beck.  His music has been performed in a wide variety of settings throughout the United States and Internationally.  Of course, more information (and a means to finding his music – both sheet music and recordings) can be found at his website.

We’ll be hearing two pieces by Dr. Price on the program.  The first will be A Prayer for the Forgotten, a work for saxophone quartet, and the second will be a piece for solo saxophone, entitled Sans Titre II.   A Prayer.. is performed by the Red Stick Saxophone Quartet (Brian Utley – soprano saxophone, Greg Vines – alto saxophone, John Perrine – tenor saxophone, Christopher Rettie – baritone saxophone).  Sans Titre II is performed by Djamel Mami on the soprano saxophone.

A Prayer for the Forgotten is in three parts.  The first section has the apparent feel of peace, but was brought about using, as Price states “parallel quintal harmonies and modified dodecaphonic procedures.”  The tranquility is certainly not of the untouched nature variety, but something a little more tragic.  The second section’s programmatic intent is to “represent the struggle for concentration and an awakening of the spirit” and goes about that through variations in time signature and chromatic passages.  The final section emotionally is a return to the beginning, slowly fading into silence.

Sans Titre II, the second in a series, is a solo work in two parts.  The first is lyrical, with increased activity built through embellishments.  The second section is more rhythmic with melodic interruptions.  Quite amazing what one musician can do! 

I really enjoyed listening to both of these pieces, and I’m really happy to be playing them this week.  I hope you can tune in.

If you missed it, here are the pieces. I’ll leave them up for streaming for a few weeks.

William Price -Sans Titre II

William Price – A Prayer for the Forgotten

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