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Tax Day

April 15, 2009

Today is tax day, which is really exciting (no, I’m not a Teabagger, which is a SFW link, if you have a dirty mind). 

Tax Day is the day that Fanfare for the Common Man premiered!  Written during World War II, it was intended to be a bit of a morale booster for Americans at home supporting the war effort.  Who more important to the war effort (behind fighting in the war) than those helping to pay for the supplies needed to keep the troops safe.   Other fanfares were premiered, none of which are still performed, but are listed here.  More info here  (Keep in mind that Tax Day was actually March 12th in 1943).

Interestingly the piece went through a number of different titles.  Its interesting how the piece’s intent may have been one of the motivating factors in his suspicion of being a communist.  Today its one of the most ‘American’ classical compositions in existance.

Here’s some guy with a lot of hair conducting Fanfare for the Common Man:

looks like you’ll have to click on it to listen to it.  Its definitely worth it.

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