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Me Like Hockey

March 31, 2009

Since starting the blog, I’ve been looking for ways to connect music to my favorite sport, hockey.  Finally, thanks to the Boston Globe, I am.  Turns out the Boston superstar Milan Lucic is also an

accomplished alto saxophonist equally adept at Beethoven and Coltrane, traveled with percussionist Jovan and the school’s concert band to Beijing, where Killarney won a global music festival with Milan playing a solo on national TV before a live audience of a couple of thousand people. “Playing hockey is easy compared to that,” he says.

 Don’t ask me what Alto Sax Beethoven pieces are in repertoire.  Maybe the reporter, John Powers, should have stopped by Matthew Guerrieri’s desk and asked about when the alto sax was invented.   Or about what type of sax John Coltrane played.

Then again, I’m probably just bitter because Lucic was pretty instrumental (ha!) in beating my Flyers on Monday.


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