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March 14, 2009

Hey- tomorrow I’m going to be putting out the schedule for Explorations.  I’ve been doing that and so I’ve been a little negligent here.   I’ve had a bunch of things pass me by that I wanted to post, so I’m just going to lay those links out here.  Maybe down the road I’ll come back here, pick up the links, dust them off and talk about them. 

Ever imagine South Indian Classical Music could be played on a saxophone?  I mean, saxophones have a hard time gaining recognition as a Western Classical instrument, but the difficult in playing Indian music is that they have a pitch system that doesn’t neatly fit on the fixed holes of a saxophone.  Jazz and Classical in many ways, are world apart.  That doesn’t stop people from trying, and while I’m not a huge Wynton Marsalis fan as a player, but he always kills when he talks about the state of the arts and his understanding of music and music history.  The links on this page were a great read.  He’s very good and helping people see the forest instead of just a collection of trees.  Speaking of which,  imagine having to sit in a wooden building above the treeline looking for forest fires.  Now imagine having to do that before the internet.  I, for one, would have gone nuts.  I’d probably run out of things to organize, which is sort of the compulsion of the speaker in the funniest TED talk I’ve seen, and its about modern art.

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