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Musicfilter and Watchmen

March 7, 2009

Yesterday the hive mind at metafilter posted two interesting stories related to music:

The archive in Cologne, which held some of the world’s famous composers documents, just up and collapsed, destroying most of the documents inside.  That’s rough.  It also made me think about my archive everything post from a handful of weeks ago.  Perhaps we need to start digitizing those sorts of archives too, since if it happened in Cologne it could really happen to any archival location.

There’s also an interesting website related to Terry Riley any people’s stories about the first performance here.  Metafilter also linked to a ton of different version of In C here.

I’ve been meaning to finish a review of John Corigliano’s Tambourine Man.  I’ll try for that tomorrow, among other things.  Saw the Watchmen movie last night (which had Blowin’ in the Wind and All Along the Watchtower in it), and it was great.  The music was interesting, and I’ll talk about that soon too.

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