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Sandow on Concert Tweets

March 1, 2009

Greg Sandow  (and here too) has been arguing for the potential of using Twitter mid concert, and really, limiting our audience enforced tradition of shutting up and listening to the music during concerts.

Its an interesting idea.  Last night I was at Le Poisson Rouge to see They Might Be Giants.  They put on a really good show.  I was able to talk to my friend who I went with at parts.  TMBG has this one modern classical sounding epilogue to their song S-E-X-X-Y that would be tuned out by listeners if it wasn’t in the middle of a rock concert.  Le Poisson Rouge also has been putting on a lot of great music (Lukas Ligeti, who I played a few weeks ago, recently provided the classical half of the pop/classical mish mash that is the Worldless Music Series).  Check out their calendar.

I do think that the relationship between the audience and performers during concerts needs to change, but I also think that there needs to be a healthy variety of options.  Immediately coming to mind is Opera on Tap.  If classical music is going to assert itself as a living art form that people can appreciate, these opportunities need to be as available as quite concerts at the New York Philharmonic.  One is going out on a Friday night, enjoying the company of friends and being inspired and the other is going to a museum and looking at a gorgeous painting to be inspired.  They’re complimentary.

One last thought – I’m not sure if Greg has been to a quiet pop music concert, such as a single acoustic guitar/vocals, but I have to say that the odds of going to such a concert and not find yourself distracted by people talking is close to 1:2.  Its annoying.  People can be jerks, even people that like classical music.  That’s not what classical music should be trying to copy.

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