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More Moore: Small is Beautiful

March 1, 2009

Another quote(s) that stuck out to me:

It [CGI] removes artistry and imagination and places money in the driver’s seat, and I think it’s a pretty straight equation—that there is an inverse relationship between money and imagination.

If you haven’t got any money, you’re going to need lots and lots of imagination. Which is why you’ll get brilliant movies by people working upon a shoestring, like the early John Waters movies. People are pushed into innovation by the restrictions of their budget. The opposite is true if they have $100 million, say, pulling a figure out of the air, to spend upon their film, then they somehow don’t see the need for giving it a decent story or decent storytelling. It seems like those values just go completely out the window. There’s an inverse relationship there.


Is it really worth spending all that money? Wasting all those resources? I mean, $100 million, that would pretty much sort out the horrifying flood damage in Haiti. I heard that figure quoted the other day. We might have to start rearranging our priorities and not just trying to anesthetize ourselves with endless television shows and movies because we’re bored with our lives in the filthy rich Western world. We might have to change our priorities a little bit. If we are going to spend our money upon film, then let’s start valuing the people that produce wonderful things with very little to go on. Let’s stop being so childishly awed by what are essentially fireworks displays.

This of course, brings to mind this part of the V for Vendetta movie:

How often are we spending out money on classical music that are simply fireworks displays?  Perhaps we need to be adjusting where the money goes to people are communicating a message beyond just booms and crashes.  This is me partially projecting my own opinions, but I think its important really consider what sort of arts we promote.  I could be wrong, but I think the Met could survive without all of its government funding.  I’m not sure if the arts on Main St can.

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