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Boston Symphony Orchestra Digital Music Store

March 1, 2009

In a few weeks I’ll be checking this out more fully (I recently bought Chandos’ 30 cd set and want to get through that before I buy any other music), but I wanted to just mention its existance before then.;jsessionid=2C2OJAHHTOPNUCTFQMGSFEQ?id=bcat13360032

For about 8 dollars (in mp3 format) you can purchase any number of live BSO recordings.  The digital aspect doesn’t really excite me – Itunes has proven the viability of digital classical music sales for some time now.  I do find it very interesting that the orchestra is using its own channels to distribute the music.  The technology is available for all major orchestras to do this on their own, and I would hope it would also limit the cost to the consumers and attract more attention to their live activities.  The technology, essentially, also exists for smaller performers, though I imagine they would have a hard time really making much money off of it.  Its still a useful opportunity for exposure.

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  1. December 5, 2009 9:35 am

    In case someone comes across this post these days, as I have, there are two options currently (as of this writing) being offered by the BSO for digital downloads — $30 gets you the entire online digital catalog and anything released in the next 3 months, and $50 gets you the entire online digital catalog and anything released in the next year. Both are fantastic deals for a lot of great music, including some HQ downloads.

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