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The only constant is change

February 8, 2009

Hey – Its been a while!

I have been (relatively) busy, and I would like to point out a few new things and a few changes:

Endless Possibilities will now be airing on Wednesdays from 6:00pm-8:00pm as opposed to Tuesdays.  I’d also like to wish Shannon and Jeff luck in their new spots on Tuesday.  Its definitely not classical music, but both of them have been doing their shows for a while and know good radio.

In light of the change, I’ve added a page here to the blog with the upcoming schedule and times I’ll be on.  February and March have a lot of basketball games, so you can see the preemption times there.  I’ll note anything out of the ordinary here on the front page from time to time.

I’m also really proud to be unveilng Explorations, which you can read all about on its own page.  Soon I’ll have the schedule up.  If you are a composer, please send something in.  So far I’ve only gotten really excited after hearing every new work I get in.

I was going to post something on music and web 2.0 and making classical music more interactive today, but I read an interview with John Adams yesterday and he totally crushed all my dreams.  Thanks, jerk!  But he brought up an interesting point.  Many of the ideas I was going to present would not have been expanding the depth of understanding by classical listeners but either provide a superficial blanket to the works or simply prove to be a distraction.  Back to the drawing board, I guess.  But really, we need to be working towards ideas that create not just more listeners, but also better listeners.

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