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Introductions are in order

January 3, 2009

I finally got a chance to put this up with the extra time off I’ve had in the last few weeks-

Welcome to the Endless Possibilities Music Blog, which is the online home for both my radio show on WRSU (88.7 WRSU in Central NJ and Worldwide) and my thoughts on music and culture, both the content of them and how we interact with them.

Each week I’ll be posting my playlist on the blog.  I’ll also be posting thoughts and comments  to articles relevant to classical and new music.

Below the fold are some more thoughts on music and the show.

I believe in a world of Endless Possibilities.  At every moment in we all have the ability to create any reality we so choose.  This is even more true today than any other period in history.  Thanks to technology, the world is presently moving so fast that there is no single person in control of what is happening.  This lack of control, which can be both frightening and exciting also gives individuals the power to construct their own imagination as their reality.

I believe that music is possibly the best means we have for articulating those possibilities.  Music is more adept at penetrating through the concrete of our present world and describing our dreams and hopes and fears.  Music is a more direct reflection of how we feel than other artforms – what cannot be said any other way can be said through music.

That is what I hope to capture on my radio show – the Endless Possibilities that we imagine channeled through music.  I intend to explore not just the many ideas expressed through music, but also the many ways to express it, since not only do music and life share the spectrum of emtions and dreams but an infinite number of ways to articulate and create those emotions and dreams some of which have not yet been discovered.  Part of this show and blog’s purpose is to celebrate the exploration to find new ways to express ourselves.

If anything on the blog or show sparks your imagination, please drop a line and share with me what inspired you.  Thanks for visiting.

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  1. gabriel permalink
    January 4, 2009 1:34 pm

    Can’t wait to hear/see what you do with this new platform – sounds like an exciting project, and hope you get many devoted listeners.

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